A Sampling of Accel Clients

The principals of Accel are currently teaming with a variety of clients to apply model-based technology to R&D and full-scale production systems. These efforts will lead to the successful demonstration and fielding of unprecedented software-dependent systems having advanced capabilities. Our current experience with each of these projects enables us to continue to extend and refine the capabilities of the technology.

Accel is working with galvanizing facilities to integrate the shop floor systems, business systems, and outside supplier and customer systems to provide a company-wide Manufacturing Information System (MIS). Legacy systems have been integrated and new systems developed where necessary. Development of the MIS entails interacting with people from a variety of domains of expertise and an evolutionary development approach. The MIS will increase information availability, ease information access and understandability, and streamline the overall business process. Current systems automated and integrated include:

Accel provides Progress Database support to several companies related to Progress-based products. The support includes: training, technical support, software development, and system administration. The products include:

Several projects related to the Symix/SyteLine product line include:

Accel Software Engineering was awarded several contracts that seeded commercialization efforts for Accel's software product, MTV Builder. MTV Builder is a model-based application development tool useful for developing applications that must interface with other systems and devices. It provides the capability to convert between external communication formats and application-specific data formats and is intended to be used by either programmers or non-programmers (such as domain experts, system analysts, or users). The contracts are: