Accel Software Engineering is a provider of advanced software and systems technology for real-time defense and enterprise information systems. We offer capabilities in the following areas:

Software Development:

Accel offers the Model-Based Software Engineering (MBSE) technology suite of reusable software architectural models coupled with extensive on-site training and application assistance. This suite allows the developer to create software-intensive systems using the basic principles of traditional engineering design. Our models have been used extensively in the design of defense-related distributed real-time embedded applications, command centers, and design and training simulations.

We are offering Version 1 of MTV Builder, a graphical tool to automate the production of message translation and validation (MTV) software for communication-intensive systems, where information packets in various formats must be validated and translated to common formats for use and display (EDI is an example). This tool allows non-programmers to specify messages, and produces completed software modules ready for use with the main application code. This tool also produces MTV Server application executables that provide CORBA and database interfaces. This product has application in the military, commercial, and health-care markets where large volumes of information from different sources must be integrated. A demo version of this product is available from our web site.

Commercial and Industrial Information Systems:

Accel offers software and hardware solutions for automating production practices and for collecting production information from legacy process controllers and instruments. We have extensive experience in merging the collected production information into 4GL business relational-databases and creating management reports from the merged data. There are many industrial facilities whose production equipment spans generations and manufacturers, making centralized data-collection and retrieval difficult. We offer solutions to acquiring digitized data and generating management reports from a central on-line database.

Here are some typical applications of our technology to a hot-dip galvanizing line: We have installed a Strip Thickness Quality Recording and Reporting System which interfaces to an X-ray thickness gauge, and a Coating Weight Quality Recording and Reporting System which interfaces to a coating thickness gauge. We have a unique Coil Inventory Management System that uses laser distance meters, weight sensors, RF communications, and bar-code readers to track inventory cranes in real time and to record coil serial numbers, and an X-12 (EDI) Supplier Information Integration System to record shipment notices, invoices, and order status messages.

For commercial business management applications, we have experience in Progress, C, VisualBasic, FoxPro, Access, Crystal Reports, and dBase providing software development, system administration, technical support, and language training. This includes working with our clients to create, refine, merge, and split databases, to help determine and generate effective reports from the databases, and to provide on-site staff training. We have created custom efficient inventory and management systems for small manufacturers and medical offices. We have also helped several clients modify three commercial Progress-based products:


We would be pleased to demonstrate the effectiveness of our technologies in your applications. 

Last Revised: June 7, 2000