Coating Weight System

Accel's Coating Weight System (CWS) captures zinc coating quality data from the an existing Coating Weight Measurement System (CWMS) in an unattended, non-invasive manner. The data are organized as archivable coil records and stored on your business system computers for permanent historical access to support report generation and analysis.

CWS is an easy-to-use, Windows-based application with point-and-click menus, scrollable lists, and buttons customized for your organization and product line. The report generation portion of the CWS requires minimal operator intervention to generate several classes of reports. The reports range from providing an in-depth view (textual or graphical) of the zinc coating distribution for a set of coils, to a summary of the zinc usage and coating performance for a specified time period and product line.

Accel's CWS will help you make sense of the immense amount of data currently available from your existing CWMS.

Customer Profile

Accel provides the CWS to clients that are dissatisfied with their manual process of collecting and analyzing zinc coating weight data for quality assurance and process improvement purposes. These clients are usually concerned with the hidden costs (time and money) associated with using their manual process and are typically frustrated by:

Data Collection and Management

The data collection portion of the CWS is stand-alone, unattended, and completely integrated with your existing CWMS. The CWS collects coating weight data (both detailed scan and ASTM triple-spot), organizes it, and stores it in time-based DBF formatted files. When business information becomes available, the CWS integrates the time-based coating weight data with the coil-based business data.

The archival portion of the CWS automatically archives and catalogs the coil-based coating weight data. Minimal operator interaction is required to retrieve data to generate reports.

CWS provides an executive perspective on zinc usage and coating performance by product line on a timely basis. It will help you analyze the performance of your current zinc coating process and provide a basis for process improvement.

Report Generation

The report generation portion of the CWS requires minimal operator interaction to generate 3 classes of reports:


System Requirements

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Last updated June 7, 2000