Factory Integration Services

The manufacturing industry, by its very nature, becomes more competitive every day and companies must continuously find new and innovative ways to remain competitive and profitable.

Accel Software Engineering, with its breadth of experience engineering software-intensive systems for manufacturing industries and the Department of Defense, can help streamline your organization by making effective use of existing process and business related information.

Accel offers an integrated product set: training, products and factory integration services. Our Factory Integration Services include Solution-Oriented Operations Analysis and Systems Engineering. These services will help your organization:

Solution-Oriented Operations Analysis

Accel can help you analyze your factory, from factory floor operations all the way to the business and management decision making systems. The analysis performed by Accel has two stages: diffusion and convergence. During diffusion we simply gather information to create a "big picture" of your operation to better understand your factory and how the people and systems in place cooperate to make the factory work. During convergence a solution-oriented analysis of the "big picture" is performed with a focus on identifying potential areas for automation and integration of systems (hardware, software, and people).

Accel can help you organize and prioritize the results of the analysis in the form of short-term and long-range plans. We help you consider factors such as:

This plan is aimed at smoothly moving from your current factory operation to a more automated, integrated, and efficient operation.

Systems Engineering

Accel's System Engineering services can be performed as a natural follow-on to Accel's Solution-Oriented Operations Analysis, or if you already have a specific need and system in mind, we can engineer that system for you as well.

Accel can engineer (design and implement) systems and smoothly integrate them into your operational factory. Our engineering-based approach focuses on tailoring and integrating low-cost, commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and software to best meet your specific-needs.

Accel's value-added benefits include:

Automation is most effective when it integrates your machines and data to produce useful information for managers, factory floor operators, and business office staff. Accel's focus is on engineering and implementing those systems which will provide the best value-added return.

EDI services can be enhanced or created to support trading partners in existing and emerging markets. Accel can engineer EDI systems to fit into your current business systems to provide automated transfers and efficient use of all your company resources.

Why Accel?

Accel has a unique skill set that has been applied in a variety of business settings. Our broad spectrum of integrated skills make for a winning combination. These skills include: systems engineering, project management, engineering design, electrical engineering, computer science, and

Accel is responsive to your specific needs and provides low cost, effective, quality solutions.

Accel's engineering-based approach to developing software-dependent systems allows customers to reap the benefits from truly engineered systems.

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Last updated June 7, 2000