MTV Builder Download Page

Initial Installation

To obtain a 30 day demo version of MTV Builder Version 1.0.8 for Windows 95/98 or Windows NT, click on the bricks.

The file that will be downloaded is named Install.exe (8340k). Run Install.exe to install the Demo version of the MTV Builder application. Download the file Readme.txt (3k) for more information and DemoLicense.txt (4k) for rights and restrictions.

Click here to obtain the CORBA MTV Server add-on (120k). This also requires the ORBexpress product from Objective Interface Systems (OIS). Contact Accel or OIS to obtain a demo version of this product.

Please let us know if you download the MTV Builder tool by sending us some e-mail. This will allow Accel to keep you informed of any upgrades and enhancements. Finally, please provide any feedback and/or problem descriptions to Charles Plinta at Accel Software Engineering.


To see what version of MTV Builder you are running, find and select the file MTVBld.exe Under the File menu select Properties. Here you will see the version number.


Last updated June 7, 2000