Progressive Medical System

Accel and Progressive Medical Specialists have formed a joint venture to offer Progressive Medical System (PMS). PMS helps to automate methadone treatment centers. It prints bar-coded photo ID's, and provides an easy-to-use user interface to manages client records, appointments, billings, and receipts. It also records client medical orders, methadone dosages, and manages methadone inventory.

PMS provides extensive report generation capabilities requiring minimal operator intervention to generate several classes of reports for each department: medical; clinical; administrative, and director.

PMS will help you run your methadone clinic more effectively and efficiently, freeing up time to better serve your clients.

Customer Profile

Accel provides PMS to clients that are dissatisfied with the manual processes and disconnected systems used to run their clinics. These clients are usually concerned with hidden costs (time and money) it takes to run their clinics and are typically frustrated by:

Operational Capabilities

The PMS application has several different screens to support the different departments. The capabilities of the screens will are described below. The screen shown above is the dosing screen used by the nurses in the medical department.

When you "log in" to the PMS application, the screens and reports you can access are restricted to your user-specific privileges.

The Site manager defines the users and privileges and can easily customize the application to the needs of your specific site.

Client Data Management

Client Tracking

Medical Orders

Methadone Dosing

Inventory Monitoring

System Customization

There are a wide range of categories that can be specified to customize the system for your specific site. These can be modified only by the Site Manager. Some examples include:

Report Generation

The report generation portion of the PMS requires minimal operator interaction to generate 3 classes of reports. These classes are delineated based on the traditional organization found at most methadone clinics:

Administration Reports
Daily Medical Reports
Monthly Medical Reports
Client Receipt

Clients Scheduled for Dosing

Monthly Inventory Summary

Clients AWOL

Daily Receipts
Daily Dosing Activity
Monthly Usage Summary
Master Client List
Financial Letter
Daily Inventory

Monthly BiAnnual Review

Clients grouped by counselor
Clients w/ Financial Letter
Daily Dispense & Admin (by pill/tablet)
Monthly Physical Schedule
Clients grouped by Demographics
Clients Transferred In/Out
Dosage Order Summary
Monthly Client Follow-up

Clients Admitted/Discharged
Urine Schedule
Monthly 2-year Justification


Custom reports can be developed using Crystal Reports. These can be incorporated directly into the PMS application by the Site Manager.

System Requirements

PMS Server

NT Server, 128MB, 6.4GB HD, 17" monitor, 10/100 Ethernet, Colorado tape drive

Microsoft Windows-NT
Tektronix Phaser 740 Microsoft Access 97
HP LaserJet 1100  
LexMark 2380 Plus  
LinkSys PrintServer  
Ethernet Hub  


PMS Dispensing Station
PMS Administration Station

PC, 64MB RAM, 6.4GB HD, 17" monitor

Microsoft Windows 98  

PC, 64MB RAM, 6.4GB HD, 17" monitor, USB port.

Microsoft Windows 98

Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printer 220

Parsons Screen Shot Deluxe  

Logitech Quick Cam Pro PC Video Camera

Parsons Screen Shot Deluxe
ID Technologies Badge Reader WCR-3237-600     ID Technologies Badge Reader WCR-3237-600 WASP Barcode Font

Last updated June 7, 2000