Sales Incentive Management System

Accel and Olsen-O'Leary have formed a joint venture to offer the Sales Incentive Management System (SIMS). SIMS helps a company administer its own sales compensation and incentive policies. It provides the capability to define and group sales people and assign them accounts; define products, promotion dates, and product award points; manually and automatically enter claims; and automatically interact with a financial institution.

SIMS provide a variety of program management reports and reports to track product/groups sales. SIMS will help you implement your sales incentive policies more effectively and efficiently, freeing up time to better serve your clients.

Customer Profile

Accel provides SIMS to clients that are dissatisfied with their current sales tracking and compensation methods. These clients are usually concerned with the cost associated with implementing these methods and are typically frustrated by:

Operational Capabilities

The SIMS application has several different screens to support the different departments. The capabilities of the screens are described below. The screen shown above is the Program Administration screen used by the people responsible for defining and setting up your unique sales incentive program.

Program Administration

The program administrator defines the sales incentive program(s), the people participating in the program and the distributors they are associated with. He also defines the products and point values tied to the program and the suppliers associated with the products. Finally, a Client (division) and Bank (debit card provider) is associated with the program. Information can be manually entered, or automatically entered if provided in a pre-defined format.

Program Processing

The Program administrator processes claims by manually entering claims or by automatically importing the claims in a pre-defined format. Finally, the client is invoiced and upon receipt of the money it is transferred to the bank and the cards are credited.

Entity Maintenance

The program entities: banks, clients, distributors, and suppliers are all maintained using an interface that is similar for all entities.

Report Generation

The report generation portion of the SIMS requires minimal operator interaction to generate 3 classes of reports. These classes are delineated based on the traditional boundaries found at most companies requiring SIMS:

  1. Participant Reports
  2. Client Reports
  3. Administration Reports

Custom reports can be developed using Crystal Reports. These can be incorporated directly into the SIMS application by the Site Manager.

System Requirements

SIMS Server

SIMS User Stations

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last updated June 18, 2003